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Horizontal machining center

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High rigidity and high tensility

  • -Z axis adopt traveling column structure design to eliminate overhangs that my occur under heavy load machining. 
    -The span of guideway is 660mm, it can finish high accuracy machining work in any kinds of situation.
    -The thermally symmetric structure minimizes thermal deformation and ensures accurate machining.
High rigidity machine structure

Helix chip conveyor

  • -Four helix chip conveyors along Y and X axis remove chips quickly to protect the machine from thermal deformation.
    -The helix is tightly connected to the water tank to avoid the coolant splashing out of the tank.
    -The separate design of the water tank and the bed realizes the timely and rapid discharge of chips and coolant and minimizes thermal deformation, ensuring high-precision machining.
ATC system

High speed and high stable 

  • -HM63H has the max travel compared with other same machines, X axis travel 1000mm, Y axis 850mm and Z axis 900mm, the design of 500mm diameter of hirth coupling provides maximum stability.
    -24/min rapid speed reduce the non-cutting time, and improve the production efficiency.
High accuracy and high performance spindle

The core components

  • -Imported German ZF retarder, taking care of high speed and low speed with higher torque.
    -Imported spindle, screw, guide rail and bearings which are high precision and high stable.
High precision linear guideway

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