This series is the fix-column bridge type machining center which adopts fixed crossbeam and column, but moveable table . X and Y axes use the roller type linear guide way, and Z axis offers box way or linear guide way according to customer’s needs. In addition, it can be equipped with various types of manual attaching head (90 degrees milling head, universal head,extension head, multi-directional head etc.). Applicable to all kinds of parts processing, mold processing, aluminum parts and aerospace transportation parts processing industry etc.
Parameters Unit GM-1614
X axis mm 1600
Y axis mm 1600
Z axis mm 750
Spindle nose to working table mm 250-1000
Spindle center to the column mm 449
The distance of between two columns mm 1450
The height from table surface to the beam mm 1140
Working table    
Size mm 1800*1200
T slot(size*slots*gap) mm 22*7*180
Max loading Kg 4000
Spindle taper # BT40-150
Speed r.p.m 12000/15000
Transmission method # Direct drive
Cutting feed m/min 6/6/6
Rapid feed m/min 24/24/24
Positioning accuracy mm ±0.005/300
Repeat positioning accuracy mm ±0.003/300
Tool magazine    
Tools Pcs 24/optional
Max tool weight Kg 15
Max tool length mm 300
Tool diameter(full load/without adjacent tools) mm 112/200
Tool magazine type # Drum type
Spindle motor power Kw 11
X/Y/Z axis motor power Kw 7.0/4.5/4.5
Ball screw/ guide ways    
Screw diameter x screw pitch mm XY:50*10/Z:40*10
Linear guide ways width mm XYZ: 45/45/45
Air pressure Kgf/cm2 6.5
Water tank capacity L 400
Power require KVA 40
Net weight Kg 16000
External size mm 5000*3200*4200


High Rigidity Structural Design

  • -A-ribbed base structure with multiple supporting points provides X-axis with the best straightness
    -Work table fully supported by base provides perfect dynamic accuracy
    -Wide span saddle provides both horizontal and vertical support which decentralizes the load caused from head weight and spindle during machining
    -One piece high rigidity column offers low deformation, providing Y-axis with the best straightness
High Rigidity Structural Design

Premium components increase performance

  • -Z axis with two sets of counter weighted oil cylinder can also balance the weight of the spindle head.
    -Roller type linear guideways on both X/Y-axis provides low friction, non-backlash, high rigidity and high precision
    -High damping boxway on Z-axis absorbs vibration, prolongs tool life and enhances surface precision
    -Shortening the length of the gear box drive shaft, effectively reduces the vibration
    -Dual chip augers with conveyor offer efficient chip removal Simple plate metal design reduces chip accumulationn
    -Fully enclosed, side-mounted, swing-arm ATC gives you more room to work and has more tool capacity
Premium components increase performance

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