JUGAO TC Series CNC Drilling & Tapping Centers feature a small footprint. Ultra-compact High-Speed CNC Tapping Center. 12,000 to 24000 RPM BT30 spindle which can rigid tapping at 6,000 RPM.
Technical parameters unit TC-640
X axis mm 500
Y axis mm 400
Z axis mm 300
Spindle nose to the table mm 150-450
Spindle center to the column mm 450
Working table    
size mm 650*400
T slot(size*slots*gap) mm 14*3*120
Max loading kg 300
Spindle taper # BT30-100
Speed r.p.m 20000
Transmission # Direct type
Cutting feed m/min 10/10/10
Rapid feed m/min 48/48/48
Positioning mm ±0.005/300
Repeat positioning mm ±0.003/300
Tool magazine    
Tools Pcs 16/21
Max tool weight Kg 3
Max tool length mm 200
Tool diameter(full load/without adjacent tool) mm 60/80
Tool magazine type # Insert arm type
Spindle motor power Kw 5.5
X/Y/Z motor power Kw 1.5/1.5/2.2
Screw/guide rail    
Screw diameter×thread pitch mm 32×20/20/16
Linear guideway width mm X:30/Y:30/Z:35
Air pressure Kgf/cm2 6.5
Water-tank capacity L 160
Net weight Kg 3200


High rigidity machine structure

  • -Meehanite cast iron is used for the machine structure which guarantee the long-lasting stability.
    -Finite Element Analysis is used to calculate the stress distribution to build the best combination among cast iron components
    -Large span base can disperse gravity and machining tolerance, the short saddle improved dynamic accuracy greatly.
High rigidity machine structure

ATC system

  • -Standard ATC with 16 Tools
    -Optional ATC with 21 Tools
    -T-T Change time is up to 1.5s
ATC system

High accuracy and high performance spindle

  • -The spindle made by the industry professional manufacturer, it features high speed, high accuracy and high performance
    -The oil cooling system can reduce the temperature raising during the spindle rotates at high speed, and always keeps the temperature of spindle lower than room temperature by 2 degrees in inconstant temperature mode, it can extend spindle life and spindle accuracy.
    -Max rotating speed up to 24000 rpm
High accuracy and high performance spindle

High precision linear guideway

  • -The diameter of ball screw and linear guideway used in the tapping centers of JUGAO Machine Tool are larger than 1.28 times of the same industry, ensuring the maximum load capacity and extending the service life of the machine.
    -Standard 3 axis with a high precision linear guideway (made by HIWIN or PMI)
High precision linear guideway

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