For a variety of machining needs, including high-speed, heavy-duty, and five-axis machining, Jugao’s complete line of vertical machining centers delivers lasting performance. Due to a vibration-dampening Meehanite cast iron base and large precision spindle bearings, we offer shops increased rigidity while sustaining higher load capacities. 
parameters Unit VL-850
X axis mm 800
Y axis mm 500
Z axis mm 520
Spindle nose to working table mm 125-645
Spindle center to column mm 550
Working table    
Size mm 1000*500
T slot(size*slots*gap) mm 18*5*100
Max loading Kg 550
Spindle taper # BT40-140
Speed r.p.m 10000/12000
Transmission method # Belt drive/Direct drive
Cutting feed m/min 10/10/10
Rapid feed m/min 36/36/36
Positioning mm ±0.005/300
Repeat positioning mm ±0.003/300
Tool magazine    
Tools Pcs 24
Max tool weight Kg 7
Max tool length mm 300
Tool diameter(full load/without adjacent tool) mm 75/150
Tool magazine type # Drum type
Spindle motor power Kw 7.5
X/Y/Z axes motor power Kw 2.0/2.0/3.0
Screw/Guide rail    
Screw diameter x thread pitch mm 36×16/16/16
Linear guide rail width mm X:35/Y:35/Z:35
Air pressure Kgf/cm2 6.5
Water tank capacity L 400
Required power KVA 20
Net weight Kg 4900
External size mm 2400*2350*2600


High accuracy and high performance spindle

  • -Direct-drive spindle speed at 12000rpm(BT40).
    -The spindle is dynamically balanced for extremely smooth running.
    -Spindle cooling system (opt.) removes heat efficiently and minimizes thermal deformation.
    -High precision helical springs features high dynamic balance and low vibration.
ATC system

High stability tool magazine

  • -Absolute encoder ATC system provides high stability and speed
    -Inverter prevents tool change speed from changing under different power supply frequency.
    -Tool change speed can be adjustable for heavy tools.
    -Auto tool change T-T 1.8 sec, 24 tools
High accuracy and high performance spindle

High precision linear guideway

  • -The diameter of ball screw and linear guideway used in the tapping centers of JUGAO Machine Tool are larger than 1.28 times of the same industry, ensuring the maximum load capacity and extending the service life of the machine.
    -Standard 3 axis with a high precision linear guideway (made by HIWIN or PMI)
High precision linear guideway

Laser inspection and ball bar test

  • -A sophisticated laser unit is employed to inspect the three-axis accuracy.
    -Including linear positioning, positioning, accuracy, pitch error, and backlash, etc.
    -A ball bar tester is employed for inspecting servo accuracy, static and dynamic geometric errors.
High precision linear guideway

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